Tavole da Sogno: Tuscany, Florence


Autumn / Winter

Autumn and Winter Tables: from natural decorations to candles

The autumn table and the winter table are distinguished by decorations that bring warmth to the home, making it a truly welcoming refuge. The table set with autumnal ornaments unites the symbols of good fortune - pomegranates and hot peppers - with a little frog prince waiting for his first kiss.

The winter table speaks the lingo of Christmas - elegance, the colour red and candles are the predominant elements. Details are romantic and intimate; modern decorations also reveal charming original solutions. Discover how to set an autumn table for a buffet, a birthday or an evening gala. We’ll amaze you, from the rules of etiquette and arrangement of silverware to creating small scenes with napkins and ornaments. Trust Tuscany Dreamtable to set your table for events and special occasions.