Tavole da Sogno: Tuscany, Florence



The Carnival Table: elegant decorations and festive ornaments

The Carnival table presents decorations and flowers in a profusion of colours like confetti, a sprinkling of joy. Springtime ornaments, ready to welcome warmth and longer days for conviviality and carefree encounters.

Streamers will get entwined in the arms of the Murano glass figurines of Harlequin, Punchinello and Columbine, as they wave to remind us that at Carnival, anything goes! Days are longer, there are more occasions to party and be with friends, every detail is bubbling with cheer and harmony.

The air is springy and even the table ornaments speak of holidays. Together with exquisite specialities, we bring decorations of the authentic Italian tradition to the table - porcelain and crystal that remind us of the quality of our most prestigious manufacturers.