Tavole da Sogno: Tuscany, Florence


Triumphs of Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables & Co.

Compositions of flowers, creative table decorations of petals, fruit and vegetables

Floral compositions are a must among table decorations. Gathered in season, flowers add a touch of class that can become even more harmonic and elegant (or informal) with compositions of fruit and vegetables.

Decorating and staging banquets for events requires a gift for fantasy and, above all, the desire to amaze by making use of everything nature offers. Just think of a wedding, we will accompany the choice of a theme with a flower that will express the perfect day, the seal of the couple. Different compositions for the tables of the guests, with seasonal fruit and vegetables symbolizing the context.
The Halloween pumpkin, autumn tangerines, good-luck pomegranates and multicoloured flowers suggest a thousand ideas for arrangements.

Artichokes remind us that the gifts of nature are many and that our tables can offer a thousand possible combinations to reveal the pleasure of creating decorations and ornaments that are always new.
Creativity and professional commitment are at the service of all types of events, from communions to company meetings where contacts and relations are crafted.