Tavole da Sogno: Tuscany, Florence



Cupids: elegant party staging, decoration centre, surrounding scenographies

What do the cupids mean at the centre of the table? They are perfect for weddings, ideal for all sorts of parties, are among the most elegant of decorations, are capable of sumptuously crowning indoor and outdoor staging.
Known to the ancient Romans as Cupid, the equivalent of the Greek god Eros, the god of love is depicted as a winged boy armed with bow and arrows, which fill hearts with passion and love when they strike.

Cupids embracing tamarisks and wisteria underline the romantic sentiment and, if positioned on festive tables, can remind us of the sublime link that binds people together who love each other. Romantic, Renaissance or baroque, cupids are immediately identified and create an atmosphere of intimate elegance.

In a broader sense, the little babes or winged cherubs as they are often depicted in paintings and sculptures can decorate our homes and bring cheer and laughter like chubby little rascals.